DECOUVERTE: Molly Gene, du "folk, blues and booze"!

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Une "one-woman band" à la voix râpeuse! La formule minimaliste renforce le caractère d'urgence mais permet surtout de mesurer la qualité du jeu de Molly Gene à la guitare slide, instrument qu'elle maîtrise à la perfection!

"Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, is a down-home young woman, all cowboy boots and t-shirts and flannels, all soul and grit and fire. Her bottleneck slide technique is reminiscent of the old blues greats, though with a rock 'n' roll edge. Her raspy whiskey and cigarettes vocals, which do not come across as androgynous but remain entirely feminine, join together with her big plugged-in guitar sound to form songs that are as wicked as a desert rattlesnake, as sharp as a straight razor, as fiery as a sip of backwoods moonshine, as sultry as summer nights in the Deep South, and nearly as sexy as Molly herself." James Carlson Philadelphia Examiner

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